Usability / Features

From version 3.0 onwards, the Premium version allows you to completely edit and create new autotimer. The plugin AutoTimer is required. You also need the plugin Webinterface from version 1.7.1 or the plugin OpenWebIf from version 0.2.9.

If you have errors or problems:

The AutoTimer feature requires an installed plugin 'AutoTimer\' on the receiver. This can usually be installed under Extensions. In addition, a current version of the plugin Webinterface (>= 1.7.1) is required. These plugins can normally also be installed and updated via extensions. You can see which version you have installed in the App dream EPG in the Info section. The plugin OpenWebIf is currently not supported for changing AutoTimer because it contains errors. If you want to use this feature, please install the extension Webinterface. You can use both webinterfaces at the same time, but in this case you have to use different ports or disable the OpenWebIf plugin.

From version 4.2.0 on it is possible to activate VPS for timers and display it in the list. The VPS plugin on the receiver is required.

You can switch on your receiver via Wake-On-LAN using the menu on the left side if your receiver supports Wake-On-Lan (e.g. VU+ Duo 2)

To select several elements (e.g. several recordings):

Click and hold on an entry in the list. The line is highlighted.

Click on further entries. The menu may be restricted if there are several entries because not every action can be executed with several elements.

Yes. The first profile (standard profile) should always be the main receiver in the local network. When creating a further profile, you can choose whether it is an external profile (for access from the Internet) or an additional receiver.

The automatic data update is only ever carried out with the first profile. The data for the second receiver must be started via the 'Data update' option in the menu.

Some stations broadcast genre information (thriller, comedy, series...) in the EPG data. dream EPG supports the display of this information.\r\n


  • OpenWebIf Version >= 1. 3.5
  • Receiver Image evaluates the genre (e.g. openATV)
  • the┬áchannel must also broadcast this information (e.g. Das Erste, ZDF, SWR, Sat.1, ProSieben...)

After updating the EPG data, the genre information is available. These are displayed in the detailed view below if available. In addition, "Genre\" can be grouped by genre in the station EPG using the \"Genre\" sort function. This information is not yet available in OpenWebIf for recordings. A search by genre will be available in an upcoming version.

IPTV channels are supported either by being directly integrated as channels or as M3U list. Additionally I recommend my apps dream Player IPTV and dream Player IPTV for Android/Fire TV