You need an Android smartphone or tablet with Android version 4.0 or higher. The app dream EPG was not developed for TV sets and was optimized for touch operation. If you use a Fire TV or Android TV device, please install the app dream Player for Fire TV (Amazon Appstore) or dream Player for Android TV (Google Playstore). These apps contain a similar feature set including streaming and are optimized for use on TV.

The app is now also available on Windows 11 and supports also streaming. Please install the app 'Amazon Appstore' from Microsoft Store. Search for 'dream EPG Premium' and install it.

You need a receiver with Enigma2 / E2 operating system:

  • dreambox (various models)
  • Marusys VU+ Solo, Solo2, Duo, Duo2, Ultimo, Uno¬†and many more
  • Gigablue (various models)
  • Xtrend (various models))
  • Telestar¬†Starsat LX

As Receiver Image the image of the manufacturer can be used. All other images like openATV (recommended), VTi, and many more work as well)

Which image is recommended?

We recommend using openATV as it is stable and supports all features in the app.

Images like VTi don't support all features, e.g. it is not possible to see the current movie progress.

For syncing the playback progress while playback, you also need at least OpenWebIf 1.3.6.

The app was developed and optimized for Android devices and is not available for iOS. There are also no plans to release the app for iOS.