Technical issues

Please check the time zone of your device. After changing the time zone it might be necessary to retrieve the EPG data again. The EPG update usually takes place once a day.

Not all stations broadcast an EPG. After starting the broadcast, the current and next broadcast should be displayed within a short time. For some stations, longer periods of time are also available.

If you run into problems, you can enable debug mode:

  • Open the overflow menu in the upper right corner (three dots)
  • Open the info menu
  • Click five times on the version number
  • Close the menu
  • Open the overflow menu again and open debug menu
  • Enable the checkbox "Log to file"
  • From now on, a logfile is written to the Download folder of your phone/tablet
  • Run the task which leads to a problem again and send the file dreamEPG.log or dreamPlayer.log from the Download folder to me
  • To finish debug mode, open the debug menu and uncheck "Log to file" and restart the app