If there is an error during stream playback, check the following:

  • First make sure that streaming over the local network works. If error messages appear here, check if the port for streaming is 9981. This is the default port and should not be changed for streaming.
  • If the error message indicates insufficient tuners, check if your server has enough free tuners at the current time. If your server has 2 tuners installed, you can usually watch, record and stream at least two programmes. If a recording is in progress and a station is being played back on the TV, streaming will probably not work. This is a technical limitation and not an error of the app.
  • If your server has only 1 tuner, you can activate the option 'Zap before'. Then the server zaps to the station that should be streamed
  • Please disable digest-authentication on your TVheadend server and use plain authentication
  • Please open settings, decoder and try VLC and ExoPlayer. If both are not working, please contact me.

If the stream is not played back smoothly this can be due to several factors. The app runs absolutely stable and without dropouts on most devices. In most cases the interference is in the environment. The fact that other apps like Netflix, Prime Video etc. work without problems does not say much, because these apps have the possibility to adjust the stream on the server side and to compensate for disturbances. This app must play a constant stream over the network and is therefore susceptible to interference.

Please check the following points:

  1. Network connection internal: Check if the WLAN connection is stable. The 5 GHz WLAN can be susceptible to interference, check if you can use 2.4 GHz for streaming. Try to move closer to the WLAN router to see if the streaming improves. If you have the possibility to connect your devices via LAN cable, this is always preferable (e.g. LAN adapter for Fire TV Stick).
  2. Network connection external: If you are streaming over the Internet, please make sure that the upstream in your home network and the downstream on your mobile phone is sufficiently high. For the apps for Enigma2 it is recommended to use Transcoding
  3. If Bluetooth is active on your mobile/tablet, this can also interfere with the WLAN connection. Deactivate Bluetooth for a trial period
  4. Test various decoder settings in the app. Under Settings Decoder or Playback settings please try the following combinations:
    1. Decoder: Internal VLC decoder
      1. Hardware acceleration: Automatic
      2. Hardware acceleration: OMX
      3. Hardware acceleration: MediaCodec
      4. hardware acceleration: Decoding acceleration: Internal ExoPlayer
      5. Decoder: Software decoder