dream Player IPTV for Fire TV

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This app is not available in Amazon Appstore but you can also install it manually on your Amazon Fire TV and purchase it using PayPal. For manual installation see end of this page.

You can download the latest version and try it for free (5 channels are unlocked for each group). If you want to purchase the premium version, please see Purchase with PayPal.

New in version 10.5:

  • New list type: Add window share with media files (SMB)
  • A lot of improvements
  • Updated ExoPlayer (Media3 Version 1.3.1) and libVLC 3.0.19

Version 10.5.5 Download

New in version 10.2:

  • Favorites for movies and series
  • Option to keep list synchronized (may overwrite position)
  • Updated ExoPlayer (Media3 Version 1.3.0)

New in version 10.1:

  • SAT>IP support
  • Multiple favorite lists can be used (in editing mode of channel list, click on Used Favorite list)
  • Rename groups/channels in list editor or webbrowser
  • Optimized list updates
  • Add and enable new groups automatically
  • Select all/none icons added in channel editor
  • EPG mapping table import/export
  • Additional key mappings and settings area
  • Search in list view
  • A lot of bugfixes and optimizations

New in version 9.0:

  • Clock display in dashboard
  • Added dark theme
  • Long-Click support in video view (Switch between current and last channel)
  • Channel EPG list
  • Assign button keys in settings
  • Long-Click support in dashboard (for channel details)
  • Updated ExoPlayer (Media3 Version 1.2.0)
  • Bugfixes and Optimizations

New in version 8.2:

  • Update to ExoPlayer 2.19.1
  • Bugfixes and Optimizations

New in version 8.1:

  • EPG channel mapping editor
  • M3U loading improved
  • Next event in channellist
  • Updated to ExoPlayer 2.19

New in version 8.0:

  • Support for Xtream codes (please delete app data or reinstall the app to use it)
  • Compact mode to show one row for each list
  • Huge EPG optimization (faster loading, less memory)
  • Channel list editor: Optimize ordering (long click on up/down icon to quickly change position)
  • Sort channel list and filter by letter
  • Updated to ExoPlayer 2.18.6
New in version 7.3:
- Optimized channellist editing performance
- Optimized timeline performance
New in version 7.2:
- Optimized settings upload/download for large files
- Optimized channel list update
- Delete non existing channels on update
New in version 7.1:
- Optimized EPG loading
- Support for groups with same name in different lists
- Select preferred resolution/quality on import

New in version 7.0:
- Import/Export of settings using webinterface
- Reset of settings
- Overlapping timer recordings
- A lot new enhancements
New in version 6.0:
- Streaming libraries updated
New in version 5.8:
- Channel list with logos and progress bar

New in version 5.7:
- New channel editor for all groups

New in version 5.0:
- HbbTV (for supported channels)
- Skip size for recordings can be configured
- Switch between current and last channel with blue button

New in version 4.0:

- Recording
- PiP (Picture in Picture)
- UI: Stream details
- UI: Volume control
- Subtitles: DVB subtitles improvement
- Settings: Default volume
- Settings: Prefer AC3 audio
- Settings: Audio delay for AC3
- Additional theme colors
- A lot of improvements

 The app needs to be installed using sideloading

You can use one of these options:

  1. Use the app "Downloader" on the Fire TV to download the apk and install it
    • Install the app Downloader on Fire TV
    • Open the app Downloader
    • Enter this to the url line: dreamplayer.tv/iptv
    • Select the version to download
    • Eventually you need to grant installation permissions to the Download app
  2. Use the app "Apps2Fire" to send the apk to the Fire TV
  3. You can use adb to install it from a PC: adb install -r app.apk
    As prerequisite please open "My Fire TV" - "Developer options" - "ADB-Debugging" and set it to "On"
    If "Developer options" are not available, please open "My Fire TV" - "Info" and click 5 times on the device name (e.g. Fire TV Cube) to enable this menu.